Me Me Me

My name is Ellen and I'm a 19 year old university student with a huge interest in food, fitness, health, fashion, travel, and living life to the fullest!
At a Christmas fancy-dress party with friends :)

I have a passion for baking and cooking and love to prepare delicious meals and experiment with different foods. I regularly stay awake wayyyy too late at night looking up recipes and deciding what I'm gonna make the next day. My poor student budget is struggling to keep up with my grocery bill :P
However, I haven't always been like this - I struggled for a while with restrictive food intake and suffered for it. Just recently I've rediscovered my love of food and I think I've reached a healthy balance.
I feel so good and healthy when I treat my body well, and that's how it's gonna stay!

Hiking with a friend near my house in Ireland - it's so beautiful there!
Up until about a year ago I had no interest whatsoever in fitness. I was the one in PE class who sat and chatted with friends and did everything possible to avoid any form of physical activity! When we had to do cross-country, I was so unfit that I thought I was gonna die before I was even half-way through the circuit, which to me  at the time seemed like about 10 miles when in actual fact I would say it was even less than 1!
My interest was brought on around February 2010 when I dropped out of university because the course I was doing at the time was not really what I wanted to do. Since I had so much free time, I dedicated it to eating healthily and exercising regularly. In the space of a few months I went from being able to run for about a minute to 30 minutes. I regularly used the elliptical for interval training also and was so delighted when I slowly but surely felt myself getting stronger and fitter. I continued this new lifestyle through the summer and when I started university for the second time in September. I moved away from home to the UK which was a big change for me, but something that I really needed to do, and am delighted I have done.

I love the gym and go about 5 mornings a week. I like to fit in about 30- 45 mins every morning to wake me up and kick-start my day!

My famous caramel shortbread squares - seriously, I'm know for them ;)
My favourite foods are porridge, peanut butter, apples, carrots, chocolate, salmon, tea, and of course, cinnamon :) The name for this blog came from the fact that I usually add copious amounts of cinnamon to pretty much everything!haha. It's just so yumlicious!
I love to cook and bake, I find it relaxing, therapeutic even! When I'm cooking for myself, I mostly follow a vegetarian diet, with fish thrown in occasionally. I also try my best to stay dairy-free, as although I have not been tested, I am almost positive that I'm lactose intolerant. Cutting it out of my diet makes me feel so much better and lighter, but it's so hard to do sometimes - ice-cream is one of my all time favourite things, although I have found a pretty amazing non-dairy substitute, so all's good in the world :)
I love looking up and trying new recipes, although sometimes it's annoying that I'm only cooking for myself, which gives me less opportunity to try everything I want. Oh well!
I eat healthily most of the time, but am very partial to the occasional binge - especially when I'm at home and the house is filled with home-baked goods and my mum's amazing food. When I'm by myself in my flat, I'm pretty good (sometimes!haha).

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, please feel free to comment and ask questions :D


  1. yay! another UK blogger- so excited to find you!

  2. heya! thanks for stopping by my blog - i'm glad you did, we do seem to have a lot in common! i also put cinnamon on everything lol. excited to keep reading!

  3. Just found your blog! Nice to find another UK blogger. Love your blog title as well! :)