Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Good & The Bad

Good: Had the BEST time in London, enjoyed it so much I stayed and extra day & forked out way too much for my return journey. Totally worth it.

Bad: I lost my one true love, my blackberry.

It hurts so much to write that....I don't know what happened, I got back to my friends place after a night of partying and it was gone. I've desperately emailed the club we were at, and tried to find which taxi company we used to come home, to no avail. I'm still in denial of the fact that it's gone forever. Something is making me hope that some amazing person will have the decency to hand it in. Wishful thinking?

Mind the gap!


Cute shisha lounge

Just strollin' down the street
Lebanese restaurant

Here's some photographios of my time in Landannnn.
It was so much fun :)
Well, you know, until I lost my BFF.

Before :D
After :'(

I'm off to wallow in self-pity and mourn my loss.

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  1. love love LOVE London :) I lived there for 6 weeks this summer studying and interning. Visited Ireland too and really liked it! I want to return to both very soon! Cute blog!

    If you're interested in fashion blogs my friends just started a really fun one :)

    I look forward to reading through your old posts!