Sunday, 9 January 2011


I am the worlds worst procrastinator...honestly, if there's something I need to do, I will do everything in my power to avoid it until the very last minute.
I begin my first round of clinical placement tomorrow, so I'm gonna be working for 8 weeks full time. Oh lord!
The only thing I was asked to do was learn a list of pathologies associated with the you think I did it?
Oh well, I'm not a stressy person, I'll totally be able to learn it tonight in bed, and maybe in the gym in the morning too :P

So after I woke up today (at 12pm!) I headed straight to the gym, for quite a nice,  not too intense 45 min workout.
Afterwards I made myself a huge bowl of porridge that I had invented while on the treadmill - bakewell slice oatmeal!
Mmmmm it was gooooood!

All I did was fixed myself up some normal porridge, then added some almond essence, frozen berries (jam would be delish, just didn't have any) and mixed in a big scoopa' almond butter.

I then headed into town to pick up a new phone and do some grocery shopping. 
I just bought the cheapest crappiest phone I saw, just cos I'm gonna leave it a few weeks to save up for a better one (I am a poor student after all :P)

I ended up doing my grocery shopping in 3 different supermarkets today! Ugh! I went to Sainsburys, Lidl and Co-Op, just cos I kept thinking of other things I needed which they didn't have in one, but did have in another.

I was starving when I got home, but luckily one of my flatmates came back with leftover birthday cake, so a slice of that held me over till dinner :P

For dinner, i marinated a chicken breast in a randomly thrown-together concoction of soy sauce, tomato ketchup, garlic and chilli powder, grilled it and put it in a wholewheat tortilla with tomato, mushroom and lettuce. 

It turned out surprisingly yummy :)

Now, I'm gonna tidy my room (study?what's that?) and chill with my flatmates for the night.

Have a lovely evening :D

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  1. Dinner looks really good for one on the fly!

    I love seeing your grocery purchases as I live in the US and that stuff looks different than what we have here!

    Good luck in your studies!