Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Where's My Ketchup?!

It was coooold, wet and dark walking to the gym this morning. 

But that didn't dampen my spirits!
I had a great workout which included 10 min stairmaster switching intensity every 20 seconds, and a good 20 minutes of arms & abs strength work.

I had a serious craving for a peanut butter & banana toasted sandwich for breakfast, so that's exactly what I had :)
(Seriously though, when do I NOT have a craving for peanut butter?!)

I don't have a sandwich grill in my apartment here, so I used little sandwich pocket that you put into the toaster to make my PB and B.
It got a little bit  burnt cos the toaster was on too high a setting, but it was oooohhhhh so good!

I had a looooong day of work today, and I was super glad to get home.
Here's what I had for din-dins : Cod topped with roasted Mediterranean veg and vegan parmesan, roasted carrots and some ketchup.

(Not so) funny story about the ketchup. 
I went looking for it before dinner and could not find it aaaanywhere, so I had to use a friends.
I had it just yesterday, where the heck could it have possibly gone?!
None of my flatmates seem to know...but I dunno about that :-/
I find it quite unlikely that there's a ketchup thief on the loose....

Mandarins & dark choc-covered gingerbread
SO good with soymilk & a little sweetener.

Anyway, now I'm gonna try get a bitta work done, eat something yummy, drink a cuppa tea, catch up on blogs and watch some youtube before having an early night which I'm badly in need of.

Gonna try out Julie's plyometric workout in the morning I think :)

Have a lovely evening everyone! x

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