Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Last night before I went to bed, Dad asked me if I wanted him to wake me up in the morning, since we had to leave at 6:45am.

Being the drama queen that I am, I made a big deal about this, sarcastically asking him how does he think I've survived by myself in college without him there to wake me up everyday? I always use my phone alarm and it has yet to fail me, so I set it for 6am and stubbornly went to sleep.

A few hours later I was woken by my Dad's voice saying "Ellen!It's quarter to 7!"
Still half asleep, I sprung out of bed and threw on my clothes I had luckily laid out last night. I threw the last few things into my suitcase, went in to my sister's rooms to say a quick goodbye, and ran downstairs.

Didn't brush my teeth, didn't comb my hair, didn't put on makeup. Lovely.

I don't know what happened to my phone, but when I woke up the screen was white, and it wouldn't turn back on. TYPICAL eh?!

I was so glad I made my breakfast last night, I just grabbed it from the fridge along with an apple and a little bag of almonds.

My mama got up to bid me farewell, it was quite sad saying goodbye for another few months, but because I was in such a rush, there was no time for emotions!

Dad drove me to the ferry, where I shall be for the next 3 hours, happily munching my porridge cake and looking out the extremely filthy window at the Irish Sea.

How disgusting is that?!

Here's some pics of the Haagen-Dazs that LittleSister#1 and I devoured last night.
It was straight up spoons in the tub business.

We left a teeny bit in the end, so whoever opens the tub next will be an extremely disappointed little person.

What can I say, ice-cream is my weakness :P

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