Wednesday, 19 January 2011

BB Bummer

Hiya amigos :)

I was gonna post a pic of my sleepy head before leaving my flat for my morning workout....
But it's waaaaay too embarrasing!HAHA!

Anyhooo, this morning I was back to my sweet breakfast ways after a short stint in savoury town yesterday.
I had a  toasted cinnamon-raisin bagelwich with PB and banana again. 
Just LOVE this combo!

Since we have a half-day every Wednesday, I came home for lunchies before heading into town.

Oh exciting story!

When I was in work this morning, I got talking to a girl who just started working there cos someone told me she's Irish (us Irish need to stick together here yaknow?! :P), so anyway, we discovered we're from the same place!!
Well, we live in neighbouring villages, so it's like 5 minutes away - HOW COOL is that?!
We both got SO excited about it and I literally forgot that I was on placement for a few minutes and being observed and graded on how I do :/
Oh well, everyone else just thought it was really funny! Made my morning :D

BUT THEN I went into town, all ready to get my new blackberry, when the guy in T-Mobile told me I can't have one cos I don't have a credit history!!
What a load of bulls**t!

How am I supposed to get one so?!
UGH!!! I can't afford to buy it on pay as you go cos it's like £400 or something stupid.
So I guess I'm stuck with my stupid £10 piece of crap till I can build a credit rating.
Does anyone know how I can do that?!

I was sooo upset after that I decided to go shopping to cheer myself up.

I spent pretty much all day in town, but actually didn't buy very much.

My new obsession! I had to try them in every flavour :)
The poor pecan pie one was just a wrapper - he didn't make it very far past the shop door ;)

I will not rest until I've tried every nut butter made.

I had to buy these ugly ass but super comfy shoes cos my back's been killing me from standing up working all day - hopefully these'll help!

I was starving when I got home, but luckily I used my head before I left and had some salmon marinating in teriyaki sauce in the fridge ready for the inevitable :)

I ate it with leftover roasted veg (yep, still going strong!) and a small salad.

Do ya like my new square plate? New purchase right there :P

I didnt take a pic of desert as I just melted some dark chocolate and dug right into the jar of hazelnut butter.

Have a nice night guys, I'm off to google how to get a credit rating!
Later :)



  1. "I will not rest until I've tried every nut butter made." Hahaha that's how I feel too girl! Hazelnut butter sounds awesome!!

  2. haah ai love trying new nut butter!! and bummer about the guys are full of BS.. everytime i go to aska question or something there is always some BIG complication and yadada... also I AM IRISH!!! WOO!