Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Something Smells...

Tonight I had a complete and utter dinner FAIL!
I found a tillapia fillet in the freezer and decided to cook that, along with a serving of roasted meditteranean veg.
For some reason I thought that I would get away with putting both items into the oven at the same time....

Needless to say, I can kinda still smell burnt tomatoes...not exactly what I was going for :P

The fish came out just fine though, and I steamed some frozen peas and broccoli in the microwave to make up for veggies morphing into little black pieces of coal ;)

I was too embarrassed to even take a pic, but I wanna include one for a bitta colour (the last ones were very grey :/ ). So here's a pic of me on a huge chair in London last year to get me in the mood for tomorrow :D

I'm oh so excited!

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