Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Last Supper

Hola! I had a great day today, shopping and eating gooood food...what could be better?!
My mum, sister and I first went and did the grocery shopping in Aldi (I LOVE Aldi!) and then went to get refreshments.
Terrible flash pic - somehow looked better B&W
Momma & FrenchToastSister had hot chocolate and I had green tea. We all had a handmade chocolate too - deeeelish!
Then I met my friend for a while and did some browsing around the shops, but mostly just chatted & gossiped :P
I tried on a few things, but didn't buy any...
Seriously don't know why my face looks so wierd..

After shopping, I met the fam again for dinner. Dad had made reservations in an Indian restaurant none of us had eaten in before. Good call Papa!
Now, I've never been the biggest Indian food fan, and I don't particularly like curries. But I have to say that the food was amazing! It's pretty safe to say that nothing went to waste ;)

Everyone was absolutely stuffed afterwards, yet we still discussed dessert on the way home :P
When I got home I packed my suitcase for my return to Cardiff in the morning. Momma bought me a  few things in town today : a few t-shirts, running shorts, popcorn (for some reason I can't find any salted in any supermarkets, only sweet!Ugh!) and packets of ground linseed, goji berries, sunflower and pumpkin seed mix. She's too good to me :D
So now I'm done with my packing (although I've definitely lost a few pairs of tights and bras since I've been home....hmmm...) and just chilling waiting for Grey's Anatomy season premiere double bill to come on (yeah, it's only starting in Ireland now - how behind are we?!).
Deffo gonna fix myself a bowl of ice-cream with chocolate chips and peanut butter right now :)
Good nightyyyyyy!


  1. Oh, geez, I could wax rhapsodic about the wonders of Indian food. My boyfriend won't touch it--he can't stand the smell--so I have to find ways of eating it without him around. It's kinda hard...but it's kinda worth it too. ;)

  2. Looooove Indian Food, i've been obsessed about it the past few weeks-glad I found your blog!