Monday, 3 January 2011

Movie Marathon!

Today was such a movie day! After I finished my workout (which was the most pathetic excuse for a workout I've done in a long time - the batteries in the elliptical went after 10 mins and so I deemed it over then :P), I came in and watched Moulin Rouge with my sisters :)
LOVE this movie! When I watch it, I just haaaave to sing along, can't help it! :D
After that we had a super quick dinner of pizza before running out the door to see the new Narnia film in the cinema. I went with 3 of my sisters and my dad. Aww! Cannot remember the last time I went to the cinema with my family! It was awesome getting my ticket paid for ;)
Ben Barnes, you beaut!
I actually really enjoyed the film! I'm not ashamed to admit that I was crying my eyes out at the end - Sign of a good movie in my books! :)
Now I'm just chilling with the fam, munching on chocolate, popcorn, mandarin oranges and mug of tea, about to watch the Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Johnathon Ross, Michael McIntyre, Allan Carr, Jimmy Carr and Noel Fielding in the one show?! It's gotta be comedy GOLD!
Laterzzzz <3

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