Friday, 14 January 2011

I got that Friday feelinggg!


I'm SO happy it's Fridayyyy! I was a happy bunny all day today because of it :)

This morning I had a very sweaty workout involving 20 mins elliptical and 10 mins stair was intense!

I had a super busy day today on my placement, and got a lot of responsibility which was awesome :D

Here's a few pics of my recent eats...

Desert from last night : strawberry yofu with apple and granola.

Porridge with melted banana, rasisins, peanut butter and cinnamon. YUM!

Omelette with roasted peppers and courgettes.

Tonight I'm going out partying with my girlies :)
Hopefully I won't lose anything tonight :(

Oh, I would hightly recommend Love and Other Drugs - reaaally good movie!
Anne Hathaway was amazing ( really wasn't expecting that kind of role from her, but she was awesome!) and Jake Gylenhall was beautiful as always ;)

I'm going to my friends now for some munchies and wine :P

Have a good night!

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