Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stark Racing Mad!

I reckon I MUST be going crazy!

Reason #1

This morning during my workout (prime breakfast planning time :P) I decided that I wasn't in the mood for a sweet breakfast.


I'm always in the mood for a sweet breakfast!
But today I just wasn't feeling porridge or cinnamon-raisin bagels or French toast or granola.

Instead, I had this!

Savoury breakfast of scrambled egg and roasted root veg with a little bit of ketchup on a wholewheat tortilla.

I also enjoyed some coffee with soymilk.

Lemme tell ya - this breakfast was a WIN!

For lunch, I had the exact same thing as yesterday, it was THAT good ;)

Reason #2

At lunchtime today, I was chatting with one of my friends (a fellow gym bunny :D), and we decided to run a half marathon!
Neither of us are able to run much more than about 5k at the moment, so we're gonna make a plan and train for it together.
How exciting!!

Wooohooooooo! It's so good to have a goal to work towards, and even better to have someone to train with :D

I dunno when we're gonna start our training, but the half's not till October so we have plenty of time to prepare :)

I'm SO excited, but am I mad?!
Only time will tell I guess :P

Back to the fooooood.
Here's a pic of tonight's easy, delicious and nutritious dinner.

Salad with lettuce, rocket, red pepper & almonds, drizzled with balsamic, and leftover piri-piri chicken.

Now I'm gonna have the last 2 carrot cake cookies for dessert and look up 1/2 marathon training plans.

Oooooh BTW, Freya and Jemma are both hosting giveaway of Nakd bars! My new OBSESSION!
I hope I winnnn! But if I don't, I hope someone reading this does :D

Good luck & seeeeyyyaaaaa!


  1. i think its great!! im so excited for you.. i want to run a half one day.. im too scared though!!

  2. I want to run a half marathon or some kind of marathon this year. I'm in the process of choosing one right now. Good luck!!!

  3. It seems like everyone is signing up to do half marathons! Good luck!